CES 56 Results: Nick Newell Needs Only Two Minutes, Calls Out UFC

Nick Newell
Nick Newell Credit: Dave Mandel/Sherdog.com

After coming up short on the Contender Series, Nick Newell was back in action at CES 56 on Friday — and didn’t take long earning another win.

Nick Newell mades his much anticipated return to the cage Friday, his first since his loss at DWTNCS. Newell, a native of Milford, Connecticut, was looking to add not only another win or finish to his record but to make a statement for Dana White. Newell’s only other loss came at the hands of top ranked UFC lightweight Justin Geathje.

Antonio Castillo Jr., an Ohio native was a late replacement and held a record of 10-11 heading in. Castillo last appeared in the CES cage in a losing effort to CES 56 main event fighter, Dan Dabuque.

Round 1: Castillo Jr. opens with a leg kick, Newell quickly lands a takedown but is caught in the choke of Castillo, but Newell escapes. Newell then looks for the back of Castillo and makes quick work of the Ohio native. An absolute showcase of submission skills, Newell makes very short work of his return to the cage. It was over at 2:06 with the rear-naked choke.

Newell spoke after the fight, saying “shout out to Castillo, he came and took this fight short notice, so much respect for that man.”

“I’ve been grinding for 19 years, I’m 15 and 2, what the fu*k are you waiting for UFC, let’s do it.” Newell although not victorious on DWTNCS has a very serious and strong case for the UFC. With his resume and a 15-2 record, not to mention his following, it is a very real possibility.


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