Jay Anderson Editor at Cageside Press, Jay has been covering the sport of mixed martial arts for several years. His work has appeared on The MMA Corner, What Culture, Cage Pages, MMA News, Today's Knockout, and Fox Sports (via Fansided). Jay holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of Guelph, and a Certificate in Leadership Skills from Humber College. When not slaving at the keyboard, he can be found in the company of his dog, a good book, or getting lost in the woods.

Gabriel Gonzalez Lead Correspondent - Hi! Besides my work here, I am also the reporter for as well as one of the hosts of MMA Daily on Apple Podcasts. @DoubleGonTV on all platforms

Dan Doherty
Dan Doherty Danny is a 2017 graduate of Ithaca College's Sport Media program. He has been an avid fan of mixed martial arts since watching the UFC’s 100 Greatest Fights special on Spike TV back in 2009. Shortly following UFC 100, Danny’s Saturdays, and most of his free time, became dedicated to the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Most recently, Danny served as the Media Relations and Broadcasting Assistant of the Long Island Ducks baseball team and is looking to make his next step in his broadcasting career. Along with fellow Cageside Press writer Heath Harshman, Danny hosts a weekly MMA podcast, Throwin' Elbows MMA.

Mike Straus
Mike Straus Mike Straus @AKAstraus21 is a credentialed MMA journalist and a member of the MMAJA. He has been a fan of the sport since its inception and has been covering the sport professionally for three years. In the past, he has produced content for Fansided's Cagepages,, and He currently contributes for, he is a staff writer for, and He most recently began writing for

Josh Evanoff 17 year old with a passion for the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. Have written about MMA since 2016, works have appeared on Cage Pages, Fansided, as well as CagesidePress. Can follow all works @JoshEvanoff on Twitter.

Heath Harshman Born and raised in the Northwest, Heath fills his time with writing, friends, music, and sports. Just a jobber trying to get over.

Mike McClory
Mike McClory Canadian born and raised, MMA fan since the days of VHS tape, Founder of Cageside Press and lover of all things combat sports.

Paarth Pande
Paarth Pande Paarth Pande is a diehard women's combat sports fan. He first got involved in combat sports after watching a WWE event at a television store, and soon took up writing about MMA as he was looking for a platform to express his opinions. Paarth also contributes to Pro MMA Now and India's Only MMA Show.

Jesse Gillette Cageside Press staff - Bio coming soon!

Shawn Bitter
Shawn Bitter I'm 24-years old and live in Harlan, Kentucky but born in Cincinnati, Ohio. I'm a die hard MMA fan from the UFC to the smaller promotions like LFA, CFFC, Invicta and so many more. My life consists of work, my wife, MMA, and writing.

Jason Payne
Jason Payne Over a decade of martial arts experience and a life long combat sports fan. Willing to debate anything related combat sports, films, comics, television, and pro wrestling.

Drake Riggs Drake Riggs is an MMA writer who specializes in feature pieces, the women's fight scene, lists, and rankings. He has been a passionate fan of MMA ever since 2009. Drake also currently writes for, Fansided MMA, The Body Lock, and is a former contributor to Sherdog and MMA Today. He is also a die-hard fan of the NFL's Green Bay Packers and Jacksonville Jaguars.

Farzin Vousoughian

Bryson Hester Bryson Hester is a MMA writer and who enjoys the technical and skill aspect of the sport. Writing about weight cutting interesting match ups, concepts, and techniques is what he likes to focus on. He has been a mixed martial arts fan since True Life I'm a Mixed Martial Arts Fighter came out in 2008. His interest increased with an amateur combat sports career of his own and a passion for fitness.

Josh Stillman IPAs, brunch, and punch-face. Husband, father, teacher, MMA writer and analyst. Half of @DailyFantasyKO podcast

Chris Marino Cageside Press staff writer and interviewer extraordinaire!

Eddie Law MMA is my thing, train BJJ, Muay Thai, MMA, Wrestling. AZ Cardinals 4 life, nothing wrong with a Stockton Slap every now and then, and of course World Cup Soccer, let's go MEXICO!