CES 56 Results: Boyington Victorious in Main Event War

Bruce Boyington
Bruce Boyington Credit: CES MMA

CES 56’s main event saw Bruce Boyington defending his featherweight title against Dan Dubuque, and the end result was a five round war.

Challenger Dan Dubuque was coming out to Johnny Cash at CES 56. No doubt, he was ready for his chance at gold. Dabaque had won four straight between CES and Cage Titans to earn the main event title fight. Another hometown fighter, a native of Rocky Hill, Connecticut, the crowd would be on his side.

Bruce Boyington, meanwhile, was 2-0 since his loss to Nate Andrews, and was the current featherweight champion of CES. Oddly enough Boyington was 2-3 in his last five, but looked to dominate and bring home a successful title defense. Both fighters boasted impressive submission victories on their resumes. In the end, that wouldn’t be a factor.

Round 1: We begin our title fight main event with a glove touch. Dubuque begins with a flying leg kick that doesn’t land. Boyington lands some jabs of his own as he backs his opponent down. Both fighters are firing but it is Boyington getting the better of the exchanges. A clinch battle ensues but Boyington wants zero part of it. Dubuque begins making Boyington miss, and lands some shots of his own, but Boyington takes the back of his opponent only to slide off as he was too high. Boyington catches a Dubuque kick and slams him to the ground, looking for the rear naked but Dubuque escapes. Some serious action to close out round one.

Round 2: Dubuque is walking Boyington down to begin this round and looks to take the back and commit to a takedown, but Boyington breaks free. A clinch battle ensues but eventually the two meet back in the middle for some haymakers. A big elbow is thrown by the hometown boy and hurts Boyington; Dan is controlling this round. Boyington slips away from the punches and lands a short takedown, and a short lived submission attempt. As round two comes to a close Boyington is hit with a groin shot.

Round 3: A wild first two rounds, and close first two rounds. Again nothing different here in the third as both continue to walk forward and land shots. After a long clinch exchange, Dubuque finishes a takedown with top control. Dubuque lands a big spinning elbow as the two stand up. Boyington is now looking to ignite the clinch war. With under a minute remaining the two again meet in the middle landing shots. Dubuque seems to clip the champion, but then accepts the clinch. The two high five as the round ends.

Round 4: Boyington opens with heavy leg kicks, before attempting a spinning back kick. A huge spinning backfist lands for Boyington, but seemingly does little damage. Dubuque continues to land and go for short quick bursts on Boyington. The champion is noticeably tired, but still standing taking punishment. Dubuque lands a shot that clips Boyington, but again he remains standing. Boyington goes for a late takedown that is unsuccessful. The champ lands a big left, but it is returned with Dubuque right back in his face.

Round 5:  The crowd gives these two a standing ovation. Boyington seems to have a second life in the opening stages of this one. Boyington landing some heavy shots. The champ is dominating round five at the halfway point. Dubuque trips up Boyington with only a minute remaining in the round and looks for the submission, but Boyington slips him off and regains top control. This one will go to the scorecards.

Official decision: Boyington def. Dubuque by split decision (49-46, 48-47, 47-48)

Champ Boyington said of Dubuque afterward “This guy, I’ve fought 30 times, this guy is the toughest guy I’ve ever fought.” Boyington chose not to only not to speak on the CES media controversy, but said “I spread love, I love CES they made up for it.”


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