50 Prospects The UFC Could Sign in 2024

Jose Perez returns at CFFC 123
Jose Perez, CFFC 112 Credit: Cage Fury FC

Lightweight, Renat Khavalov (8-0):
Khavalov is a top Russian prospect and he is one of a few that I could see coming to the UFC. If not he’s not going to lose any time soon. He stays active and is a Eagle FC champion. His last fight he also took in UAE Warriors. Khavalov does everything so well and at a high level. First off, he has solid wrestling with good timing on his takedown entries. When he isn’t dominating on top his striking is good too. He does the small important things very well like footwork and head movement.

Welterweight, Samandar Murodov (9-0):
Murodov already has the exposure already fighting for UAE Warriors and was a featured bout of Road to UFC. There isn’t much I dislike about Murodov but there is a lot I like. He’s got good wrestling, is a slick grappler, scrambles really well, and has a submission attack. His stand-up is still growing but at his age he has time to develop. With his visa now figured out he should definitely be signed to the UFC this coming year.

Bantamweight, Bakhtovar Yunusov (10-0):
It took me a bit to get fully behind Yunusov but after his last few fights he’s looked much improved. Yunuson even when taken down he is good off his back with the triangle. He has wild striking but does have bright moments. There is strong wrestling and on the mat is where he’s best. Yunusov throws relentless ground and pound, scrambles well, and is a submission threat.

Featherweight, Jose Perez (8-1):
Perez is the CFFC featherweight champ so he’s in a good spot. Also, he went viral in his post-fight interview telling the UFC matchmakers to kindly do their fuc**** job. Maybe, the UFC brass wasn’t happy about that. Hopefully, that doesn’t hold him back because he’s good enough to be in the UFC. Not just the personality but he has the fighting style as well.

Featherweight, Luke Riley (8-0):
Riley is one of the most exciting prospects coming out of the UK and is a must-watch every time he fights. Riley is a lethal striker and is someone you don’t want to give any inch at all. He does get hit a lot but his ability to eat one to get inside and land a series of punches is fantastic. He’s all volume in your face combination striker. I love his bodywork and just everything about his striking.