50 Prospects The UFC Could Sign in 2024

Austin Bashi
Austin Bashi Credit: XFC MMA

Across hundreds of mixed martial arts prospects worldwide, we’ve narrowed the list down to fifty prospects to watch for this year. These fifty aren’t necessarily the best prospects in the world (though most are), but rather are the up-and-coming fighters most likely to sign with the UFC this year.

Lightweight, Abdullo Khodzhaev (5-0):
I’m pretty high on Khodzhaev. I love his kickboxing mixed in with his distance control and diversity. He can sit on the outside and dictate the pace chewing up his opponent up top and down low. He likes to use a lot of flashy stuff but he’s thought out and calculated.

Flyweight, An Tuan Ho (5-0):
Ho could benefit with more experience outside of the UFC but I don’t see them avoiding him for long. He’s so explosive, dynamic, and exciting that the UFC would love to have him. He’s one of my favorite flyweight prospects because of his style but also because of his youth and growth.

Strawweight, Rose Conceicao (7-0):
Conceicao is coming off a disappointing fight but it was still a fight she won. It was also a fight where she won the LFA title. Conceição was a Brazilian national wrestling champion. Even in a stacked division, I believe she could go a long way in the UFC.

Bantamweight, Austin Bashi (11-0):
Bashi has to be a lock for the UFC this year as he’s the best prospect in the United States. No prospect in the US has a better resume than Bashi. Bashi has beaten good regional guys like Askar Askar, Pipe Vargas, Chris San Jose, and Erion Zekthi while being the Lights Out Championship bantamweight champion. The wrestling is top-notch and he has solid cardio. Bashi is already so good now he’s going to be great in the future.

Flyweight, Badmatsyren Dorzhiev (8-0):
One of the best flyweight prospects happens to be from Mongolia in Dorzhiev. Last year was a great year for “Immortal Lotus.” He moved to the UFC and won the flyweight title for both APFC and CFFC. Dorzhiev is well-rounded and every move is thought out and measured. He has a good right hand that’s highlighted. On the feet, Dorzhiev will pick and choose his shots staying technical. He’s a solid wrestler and his ground and pound is really good along with heavy top control. He should be a UFC fighting this year.