50 Prospects The UFC Could Sign in 2024

Paris Moran Credit: Fury FC

Heavyweight, Mario Pinto (7-0):
Pinto didn’t pop on anyone’s radar until 2023. In March, Levels Fight League held an eight-man one-night heavyweight Grand Prix to crown a champion. Pinto fought and won three times in one night taking home the title. MMA in Portugal is still growing. Pinto isn’t only the best heavyweight from his country but the best prospect from the area in general. He’s well-rounded with heavy hands, strong wrestling, and is adaptable on the mat. Pinto should be a lock for the UFC.

Light-heavyweight, Rasul Magomedov (2-0):
Magomedov may be a young pro but he had an extensive background in the IMMAF. He was a two-time IMMAF heavyweight world champion and is now fighting at 205 as a pro. Outside of MMA he has a win over Kyle Snyder in freestyle wrestling who is a standout wrestler. Magomedov is one of the most promising prospects to come out of the IMMAF especially out of the higher weightclasses. Magomedov has dominant wrestling and a mauling ground game.

Flyweight, Paris Moran (9-2):
Moran is an exciting prospect who was a seven-time sanda national champion. Moran is a smart technical fighter that can point-fight or shut the lights out. He’s someone that understands distance management. His right hand, jab, one-two and kicks are all things he does so well on the outside. When the distance is attempted to be closed on him he’ll catch you with knees and counter strikes. His style may not be for everyone but nobody at 125 fights like this guy and that’s exciting to me.

Welterweight, Isaac Moreno (6-0):
With Moreno I went from not even thinking he’s UFC level to thinking he’s top 25 in the UFC’s welterweight division right now. He’s easily one of my favorite welterweight prospects around. Moreno has excellent footwork and is really good at maintaining distance control. Moreno throws a lot of sidekicks. He will use his jab and oblique kicks to set the tone. He’ll explode in with short combinations and move back out of the pocket. Moreno has a high ceiling.

Lightweight, Amru Magomedov (7-0):
I’m high on Magomedov as he ranks as my top 20 prospect worldwide. What gets me excited about Magomedov is how talented he is at just 24. His wrestling and ground game is legit. He’s got good technique on his takedowns and on top is a menace with ground and pound. Also, his jiu-jitsu is really strong.