50 Prospects The UFC Could Sign in 2024

Phumi Nkuta CFFC
Phumi Nkuta Credit: Cage Fury FC

Strawweight, Ayan Tursyn(5-0):
I’ve been high on Tursyn ever since she was an amateur. As an ammy, she had experience with IMMAF and did really exceptionally. Tursyn likes to be diverse and tricky in her approach. It’s hard to tell what she’s going to throw. As a pro and amateur, she’s had a few highlight reel knockouts. Her wrestling and grappling have improved over the course of her career. She’s the best female prospect out of the country (Kazakhstan) and would do really well in the UFC.

Bantamweight, Bernardo Sopaj (11-2):
Sopaj has been a highly touted prospect for years. He’s trained at Allstars in Sweden but has recently gone to the US training at Xtreme Couture and The Goat Shed. Crazy enough, Sopai is only 23-years-old and a complete fighter already. On the feet, he has a Muay Thai background. He doesn’t really have knockout power but does throw a lot of volume and gives a lot of different looks. I’ve been impressed with the wrestling from the setups, speed, and his ability to slam guys to the mat. Sopai has three wins by submission and overall his grappling could be where he’s best at. This kid is a major problem with a bright future.

Featherweight, Mochamed Machaev (13-1, 1 NC):
Machaev, I believe is at that level. Outside of MMA, he has a K-1 kickboxing record of 7-0. Machaev is a really good striker. He’s explosive, has commanding pressure, and a diverse striking arsenal. Machaev is constantly throwing combinations, mixing in a bit of everything. Although his foundation style is kickboxing, Machaev has some underrated wrestling. He’s very good at pressing against the cage and changing levels to the knees, getting the textbook double-leg. For the pace Machaev puts on, he has a deep gas tank.

Flyweight, Phumi Nkuta (7-0):
Since Nkuta is back competing in MMA he shouldn’t be fighting outside a big promotion. He trains out of Longo and Weidman MMA and they have a bright star on their hands regarding “Turbo.” He was an amateur regional champion too and went 5-0 so he’s 12-0 combined. Nkuta is at a level where he can compete towards the top level of the UFC today.

Featherweight, Matheus Camilo (7-2):
Camilo is just 23 so he has time to develop into an even better fighter. He is young and is making the right moves in his career where he’s training (Xtreme Couture).I really like the striking of Camilo. His hands are quick and I love the way he attacks the body in combinations. Camilo doesn’t hold any submissions but is slick and has good ground and pound.