Prospect Watch: England’s Lone’er Kavanagh

Lone'er Kavanagh MMA prospect
Lone'er Kavanagh Credit: Cage Warriors

An undefeated flyweight fighting with Great Britain Top Team, Lone’er Kavanagh will return to action under the Cage Warriors banner this weekend. Which makes it a great time to get to know the 24-year old prospect, who could some day be plying his trade in the UFC or PFL/Bellator.

Lone’er Kavanagh
From: London, England
Camp: Great Britain Top Team
Weightclass: Flyweight (125lbs)
Age: 24-years-old
Height: Five-foot-four
Record: 5-0
Methods: 3 KO/TKOs, 1 Submission
Combined opponents’ record: 12-10

Lone’er Kavanagh is from London, England, with a Chinese-Irish heritage. He trains out of Great Britain Top Team with many good fighters like Nathaniel Wood, Mike Ekundayo, Chris Miah, and more. He trains under his head coach, former UFC fighter and U.K. MMA legend Brad Pickett, who is also his manager. He also trains out of Elevate Martial Arts and Team Tieu.

Kavanagh had a shaky amateur career. He had two wins, two losses, two draws, and one no-contest, bringing him to a 2-2-2, 1 NC record. However, now fighting as a pro, Kavanagh is sitting at a perfect 5-0. And with each fight, he’s night and day better.

From the age of eight, Kavanagh started with Korean-style martial arts and then had an extensive kickboxing career. He competed in K-1 and is a five-time world champion. He’s brought every single bit of that into his MMA career.

Kavanagh is a very skilled and intriguing young man. Where he’s best at is unequivocally on the feet. He’s light on his feet, doing a lot of bouncing around. Kavanagh is excessively fast specifically with his movement, hands, and his legs. The Englishman is a well-executed counter striker and has a good one-two. Kavanagh fights behind his kicks, setting the tone of his fights that way. He’s got a rapid pace and always throwing in combinations and will go to the body actively. Also, recently, Kavanagh has been tearing apart his opponents with lead leg kicks that’s played a big factor in his fights. His in-and-out movement along with his explosiveness and deceptive power makes Kavanagh a dangerous man every second of the fight.

Kavanagh is a flashy fighter and he doesn’t telegraph his strikes at all. Kavanagh is a true flyweight prospect that brings speed, athleticism, explosiveness, and a recurrent rapid pace. At just 24 years old, he’s still flourishing as a fighter and has stood out among other blooming prospects his age. He’s easily one of my favorite flyweight prospects in the world.

He fights this Saturday on Cage Warriors 169. He’s going up against Shawn Marcos Da Silva who is also undefeated at 6-0. Da Silva is another ultra-talented flyweight with a lot of upside. If Kavanagh can pass his toughest test to date he should be called up by the UFC before the end of the night.