50 Prospects The UFC Could Sign in 2024

Paul Hughes Credit: Tapology

Welterweight, Alibeg Rasulov (13-0):
Rasulov is coming off a win over Cezary Oleksiejczuk which should alone get him into the UFC. He’s not the striker you look for is an up-and-coming welterweight but he has a superb ground game. Rasulov is first and foremost a wrestler. His relentless pressure plays a big part in his wrestling.

Flyweight, Nyamjargal Tumendemberel (8-0):
Tumendemberel fought twice in a featured bout on road to UFC and won both times. It’s been two good performances but he’s still not been given a UFC contract. Still needing work with his technique Tumendemberel is a dangerous man. He can wrestle, grappler to a certain extent, hits like a truck, and tough as nails. His fights are always must watch.

Bantamweight, Roberto Hernandez (9-1):
Hernandez isn’t the most exciting fighter but he’s very skilled and well rounded. He has a lot of qualities that are hard to find in prospects. He’s coming off a win over Trevin Jones in Cage Warriors who’s a former UFC fighter. He’s a well-rounded fighter that has a lot of the basics most fighters lack. As the fight goes he starts to open up more. He’s technical and has a high fight IQ.

Lightweight, Paul Hughes(10-1):
On the feet, Hughes has good boxing. The accuracy and shot selection are there and so is some big power. He’s an even better wrestler and has exceptional grappling. Hughes is one of the best prospects worldwide. He’s been on the cusp of a UFC call up for some time and should sign at any point early this year.

Welterweight, Baissangour Chamsoudinov (8-0):
Chamsoudinov has dominated the whole course of his pro career. He’s never fought a guy with a losing record and four of his opponents he handed them their first loss. At just 22 years old he is already so well-rounded, calm in his approach, and just very smart, almost more like a seasoned veteran. Chamsoudinov is the full package when you look for up-and-coming talent.