50 Prospects The UFC Could Sign in 2024

Luke Fernandez, CFFC
Luke Fernandez Credit: CFFC

Flyweight, Jose Ochoa (7-0, 1 NC):
From Peru, Ochoa moved to Brazil and is training at Chute Boxe Diego Lima which is an excellent decision. Ochoa is a complete fighter at flyweight. He is volume-based, throws a lot of kicks, is fast, and uses good footwork. Last year the UFC signed a few Peruvians. If they want to improve the quality of signings, Ochoa would be a great signing. He would be the best Peruvian UFC fighter outside Daniel Marcos.

Featherweight, Marcio Barbosa (15-2):
Barbosa was offered a UFC fight last year so the UFC is already looking at him. He’s been very active for the last few years and has made a name for himself with exciting fights. He’s finished all but one fight and a few of those have been in under a minute. Barbosa only has two losses and those were wars he was close to winning. He doesn’t shy away from a brawl and so far that’s played a huge part in his success.

Flyweight, Tianhao Feng (15-2-1):
China is a market the UFC is heavily after and Feng should be at the top of the list about it. He’s coming off a flying knee knockout over former Pancrase flyweight champion Ryuichi Miki. It’s more likely we get Feng in the next season of Road to UFC but he would do well in the UFC just going their straight out.

Light-heavyweight, Luke Fernandez (3-0):
Fernandez turned pro in 2023 and has been tearing it up racking up three wins. To cap it off he ended the year winning the CFFC light-heavyweight title. Prior to turning pro Fernandez was 6-0 as an amateur. He was the reigning CFFC amateur 205-pound champion. He has a piston right and strikes to wrestle really well. He trains out of Dante Rivera BJJ and they have rounded out his wrestling and grappling so nicely. Fernandez is a major threat on the mat. He’s a dual threat as he can smash your face in with ground and pound or snatch a submission.

Bantamweight, Felipe Lima (12-1):
Born in Brazil Lima lives in Stockholm, Sweden, and has been training at Allstars Training Center for years. After making his debut in 2015 he came up short and hasn’t lost since. I’m so high on Lima already and he’s just 25. He could’ve been in the UFC for a few years now but not staying active has held that back. Lima is a mixture of wild, unorthodox, and technical all at the same time when it comes to his striking. He’ll mix in leg kicks and hooks to the body with his combinations. Lima is a very serious prospect.