10 Welterweight Prospects the UFC Should Sign in 2023


Kaleb “Krazy Horse” Rideout

25 | 6’2″ | Sydney, Australia | 7-2 | 4 Finishes | 4 KO/TKOs | Combined Opponents’ Record: 9-10 | Best Win – Kevin Jousset (6-2)

Kevin Jousset was on this list last year but Rideout beat him last July. Rideout didn’t jump out to a lot of people until he beat Jousset but he deserves the attention. Rideout has been putting on exciting fights over in Australia the last few years. He’s won his last five and is the Eternal MMA welterweight champion.

If anything, Rideout is a guy you want to tune in to watch every time he fights. With his long frame, it’s always nice to see someone know how to use their length. Rideout has a strong long jab and throws a lot of kicks. He’s got knockout power in both his hands and his kicks. He’s also explosive as shown when he smells blood in the water. Rideout does a real good job at controlling the range and is tricky with what he’s going to throw being both diverse and awkward. Nobody is like this guy in the UFC.

“2023 with be the year of the Krazy Horse and I will be the next signed fighter out of Australia,” Rideout exclaimed, speaking to Cageside Press.


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