PFL Europe: Abdoul Abdouraguimov Taken to Deep Waters, Scrapes Past Grant in Scramble-Fest

Abdoul Abdouraguimov, PFL
Abdoul Abdouraguimov, PFL Paris Credit: Professional Fighters League

Top French MMA talent Abdoul ‘Lazy King’ Abdouraguimov returned to the PFL cage against Jack Grant in Paris.

As the co-main of the first PFL Europe event of 2024, Lazy King took on fellow grappling specialist Jack Grant, though he still enjoyed being seven-to-two favorite over the Brit. As ARES welterweight champion, Abdouraguimov reached a record of 15-1 overall before winning the middleweight belt in my personal ‘Comeback of the Year’ last year. Now 17-1 after winning his PFL debut last year, Abdoul looked to continue his seven-fight finish streak over Grant. A 19-7 veteran of Cage Warriors and BAMMA, Jack Grant had only won one decision in his entire career, so fighting Lazy King set up a fight which seemed to not hit the scorecards. However, their grappling somewhat canceled out as neither could estalish dominance in a grapple

They traded leg kicks to start. Instead of Abdouraguimov, it was Grant who shot for the first takedown. Abdoul grabbed for a guillotine, but Jack broke free after a few moments. Lazy King worked from the bottom while Grant stayed heavy on top. Eventually Grant opened up with punches and Abdoul’s nose bleed. Lazy King got back up and shot for two takedowns, getting the second. From top position he set up a d’Arce choke, but Jack wagged his finger as if to say no. Abdouraguimov switched to a Japanese necktie which looked highly uncomfortable, but again Grant wagged his finger. The round ended soon after, but not before Lazy King landed a few ground strikes.

The second round saw Abdoul land two hard left hooks before getting sprawled out on his first takedown attempt. Abdouraguimov pulled out and worked on his striking for a while. He landed his second takedown attempt but got stuck in a leg entanglement. As he escaped, Grant tried to stand up but got stuck in a front headlock. Lazy King jumped on an arm-in guillotine; although he did not finish it, he used it to get on top. Stilll Grant avoided being stuck on his back as he used butterfly hooks to get up. Jack kneed him from the clinch for a bit before Abdoul escaped and then rolled for a failed kneebar before the round ended.

Abdouraguimov went for an ill-advised rolling thunder kick to start the third round and Grant took his back. Abdoul was able to escape and get on top, though he fell off the top himself and go his back taken again. Most of that sequence played out again, but this time Lazy King got an anaconda choke. Grant’s face turned purple as Abdoul tightened it up, but he wagged his finger again and survived for over a minute. With a few seconds left, Lazy King just began punching, swinging ground and pound until the bell.

Most of the rounds were competitive, but the first seemed clear for Grant and the last for Abdouraguimov. When the scorecards were read, the first judge gave it 30-27 for Abdouraguimov, shockingly, while the second two both had it 29-28. The first of them had it for Grant, but the deciding judge had it for Lazy King, continuing his winning streak with the first decision of the bunch.

Official Result: Abdoul Abdouraguimov def. Jack Grant via Split-Decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)