10 Heavyweight Prospects the UFC Should Sign in 2022


Kirill Kornilov

30 | 6’5″ | St. Petersburg, Russia | 12-0-1 | 10 finishes | 9 KO/TKOs, 1 Submission (kimura) | Combined Opponents’ Record: 118-49 | Best Win – Wagner Prado (15-4-1)

Kornilov is a former kickboxer who has competed for Glory, but his primary focus has now shifted to MMA. With that experience in kickboxing, MMA seems to be the sport built for him, with his striking talents boosting him to an impressive undefeated record with one draw.

Kornilov is a very dangerous fighter despite some flaws. His counter striking, his jab, and his clinch work are things most heavyweights don’t possess at the level he does. His resume is pretty good, beating a lot of good names and more experienced fighters. Kornilov should be on the shortlist of being signed.


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