10 Heavyweight Prospects the UFC Should Sign in 2022

Caio Machado
Caio Machado Credit: Facebook

It’s that time of year again! As 2022 gets underway, here’s a look at some of the top heavyweight talents the UFC should look at signing.

First off, a look back at last year’s list, featuring Chris Barnett, Askar Mozharov, and Martin Buday, all of whom signed to the UFC in 2021. Barnett absolutely made a splash at UFC 268 back in November.

Aleksandr Maslov
Andre Miranda
Andre Schmidt
Askar Mozharov
Brett Martin
Chris Barnett
Hugo Cunha
Martin Buday
Rizvan Kuniev
Vyacheslav Ryabov

Now, on to this year’s list of heavyweight potentials, including a trio of fighters appearing for the third year running.