Scouting the Globe 2022: The Five Best Prospects From The United States


Lightweight, Malik Lewis (5-0)

Malik Lewis doesn’t have as strong as a resume as the others on this list but my opinion is that he’s the real deal.

Lewis has yet to taste defeat in his career. That’s due to going 7-0 as an amateur and 5-0 as a professional with all five pro fights ending by a finish. While his hands have done most of his talking he can back it up with what seems to be a competent ground game.

Lewis is a big lightweight standing at 6’0″ who has fought at welterweight a few times. Someone with his size who knows how to use it is going to be a big problem. He’s still a young guy too, so he hasn’t even come close to his full potential. With strong stand-up, being able to control the fight anywhere, and being able to wrestle and grapple when needed, his skill set is going to take him far.


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