Dana White’s Contender Series: Six Of The Biggest Snubs So Far

Brendan Loughnane, PFL 1
Brendan Loughnane, PFL 1 2021 Credit: PFL

Brendan Loughnane (21-4)

When the average UFC fan that watches Dana White’s Contender Series thinks of snubs, they mention Brendan Loughnane.

Loughnane was beyond experienced when he made his appearance on week one of season three. He came into the fight 16-3, and his last six fights all ended in a finish.

I’m sure if you’re reading this, you know the Loughnane story. After an excellent fight with Bill Algeo and on his way to an easy unanimous decision, he shot for a takedown with five seconds left- which was his ultimate downfall.

“Great fight, both durable guys, banging it out. I have to give Brendan credit; he fought a guy who has been a champion in two different [promotions]. But let me tell you something you don’t do. You don’t come here, you don’t fight that type of fight, and don’t go for a double leg with 10 seconds left in the fight. I think this kid is talented, I think he has a ton of heart, and I think he is eventually going to be in the UFC, just not tonight,” White told Laura Sanko.

White doubled down when the media pressed him on the issue.

“If I’m wrong, he’s a free agent,” White said. “Somebody else can pick him up, and according to the people who are complaining about it, it must be a big score. So, go for it.”

Someone did pick him up. Loughnane signed with the PFL. In the 2021 season, he made it to the semifinals, losing to Movlid Khaybulaev. Prior to that loss, he’d compiled a seven-fight win streak. That included victories over former UFC fighters Sheymon Moraes and Tyler Diamond.

It is a shame that Loughnane got snubbed, but hopefully, he will make it to the UFC at some point.


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