Scouting Prospects for the Contender Series Season 5: Part 2

Julia Polastri

Strawweight | 22 | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | 8-2 | Win streak: 6 | 3 KO/TKOs, 1 Submission

Polastri made a big statement in 2019, beating a solid opponent in Jéssica Delboni. In that fight, she won the Shooto Brazil Strawweight Championship, which had been sitting vacant. Polastri has a good record over good fighters recently. The UFC should definitely have their eyes on her. She could be this season’s Luana Pinheiro, who last season was another solid prospect out of Brazil who earned a UFC contract on the Contender Series. Due to visa issues there may be trouble for Polastri in terms of coming to the U.S. but if possible, it needs to happen.

Juan Puerta

Flyweight | 33 | Atlanta, Georgia, US l | 21-6 | Win streak: 10 | 1 KO/TKO, 11 Submissions

When the UFC started to sign more flyweights last year it felt like Puerta was a shoo-in. Due to the fact that Puerta has a lot of experience and is a former Titan FC flyweight champion, he should be already signed straight to the UFC. Puerta has had a lot of speed bumps in his career but has now hit his stride and is on a big ten-fight win streak, the biggest of his career. At the very least Puerta deseres to be on the Contender Series.