15 Female Prospects the UFC Should Sign in 2020


Linda Darrow (Strawweight)

29 | 5’4” | Jambi, Indonesia | 6-0 | 5 Finishes | 5 KO/TKO | Combined Opponents’ Record: 5-2 | Best win – Inandya Citra (2-0)

In 2018, the UFC announced a scholarship program and a partnership with AirAsia, where recipients would receive a paid trip to the US to train at the UFC Performance Institute in Las Vegas, Nevada. Linda Darrow was the first fighter selected and she did indeed go to Vegas to get some time in. It was announced that in the first quarter of this year there will be a contender series in Asia. Darrow must be on that and if so she could be getting her chance in the UFC.

Her level of competition has been borderline awful, but in Indonesia, you aren’t going to find a great amount of talent. Darrow has shown good Muay Thai and wrestling, with her ground-and-pound being her best weapon.


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