UFC Greenville Results: Andre Ewell and Anderson dos Santos Steal the Show

Andre Ewell UFC Greenville
Credit: Dave Mandel, Sherdog.com

Early Friday, Andre Ewell and Anderson dos Santos were “just another prelim” fight at UFC Greenville. On Saturday, promoted to the main card, they may have stolen the show.

‘Mr. Highlight’ Andre Ewell found himself promoted to the UFC Greenville main card on Saturday, thanks to John Lineker’s late withdrawal from the event. Opposite him was Brazil’s Anderson dos Santos, with an excellent finishing rate coming into this bantamweight scrap.

Ewell was on the outside early, slipping and dodging, and throwing a left hand. Dos Santos came in wild, but was beginning to land, with Ewell’s back to the fence. Ewell then wisely slipped a bunch and moved, connecting clean on his next attack. His left hand was hitting home, and Dos Santos opted to shoot for a takedown.

Things would quickly break down into a slug fest, both men swinging for home runs. The crowd was roaring. Dos Santos was bloodied. Ewell was getting the better of his opponent, the left hand being his best weapon. Even still, he was stretching to land shots, at times almost leaping into punches. The end of the round might have been the end of the skirmish, but there was plenty of war to come.

Dos Santos was looking to get the fight down early in the second. He fired off some leg kicks, and the pair traded. Both men were bloodied now, and there was still more than half the fight to go. If it made it that far. An eye poke paused the action, which might have been a much-needed reprieve for both men.

Back underway, another fiery skirmish erupted, with heavy swings from both men. Ewell’s speed was allowing him to tenderize, nearly pulverize the face of Anderson Dos Santos. The Brazilian, for his part, was fast as well — Ewell was just a step quicker. However, Dos Santos would get the fight to the ground, hunting for a submission until Ewell scrambled free. Back on the feet, Ewell would finish a combination with a clean, crisp right to the side of Dos Santos’ face, and they’d head to a third.

The pace continued in the third until once again, Anderson Dos Santos opted to take things to the ground. He no doubt felt he had a clear advantage there, but Ewell didn’t make things easy for the Brazilian. They’d finish the fight on their feet, one last exchange to make a final statement. The judges were going to have their work cut out for them, but Ewell vs. Dos Santos really had no loser.

Andre Ewell def. Anderson Dos Santos by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-27)


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