UFC Greenville Results: Randy Brown Beats the Odds and Finishes Barberena

Randy Brown
Credit: Dave Mandel/Sherdog.com

Body shots, knees, and a fantastic pace were key as Randy Brown finished off Bryan Barberena at UFC Greenville on Saturday in the co-main event of the evening.

Saturday night two welterweights looked to get back into the win column. Both Bryan Barberena and Randy Brown entered the octagon at UFC Greenville having lost their last fight. Bryan Barberena’s last outing ended with a TKO loss at the hands of Vicente Luque, while Randy Brown saw his last fight come to an early end with a KO loss to Niko Price.

Someone was set to bounce back Saturday, save for a draw. Brown came out quick and looked to push the pace; he opened with a low kick and Barberena fired back with one of his own. The two exchanged a couple more leg kicks, and Brown landed a nice right. Brown looked to land a high kick but Barberena slid out of range, then answered with a hard leg kick. Brown came right back with a stiff body kick. Barberena again attacked Brown’s lead leg with another kick. Randy Brown responded with a leg kick of his own followed by a combination, he then missed a high kick that just went wide. Barberena looked for a body kick that was caught by Brown, then he moved into the clinch for a moment before they went back to range and exchanged once again on the feet. Barberena began to advance as he walked through the punches and kicks of Brown, until Brown initiated the clinch and pressed Barberena into the fence where they worked until the horn sounded to end the round.

Barberena came out fast in the second with a leg kick, then continued to press forward Brown looked to counter punch but neither man landed anything of consequence. Brown looked again for a high kick that Barberena slid away from, then closed the distance to get the clinch against the fence. Brown was quick to switch position then break away. Barberena in a flash pressed in again and got the clinch, however once more Brown switched positions and pressed Barberena into the fence. Eventually, he took Barberena’s back. Barberena  defended and peeled Brown from his back then got the take down for a moment, and landed a knee as they separated. Quickly the two got back into the clinch and exchanged short shots; Brown landed an elbow on the break. They exchanged on the feet again, Brown landed a knee then went back to the clinch as they both looked to land knees and elbows. They separated, and Brown looked to have landed an elbow that Barberena answered with a looping right. Brown landed the last strike of the round with a body kick just before the horn sounded to end the action.

Barberena again came out in round three and pressed the action. He landed multiple leg kicks then rushed forward. Brown looked to keep the distance and Barberena rushed forward again with a flurry of hooks. Brown came back with a hard right combination that dropped Barberena for a moment. Brown threw a flurry of punches as Barberena had his back to the fence. Barberena spun away but looked hurt. Brown landed a front kick then a knee followed by a hook to the body that hurt Barberena! Barberena tried to fire back but Brown kept lighting up his body with punches and knees. Barberena tried to survive and circled away but his back was to the cage, and Brown saw his chance to end things. Brown threw a combination to the head of Barberena and then went back to the already damaged body; that dropped Barberena to the mat and forced the referee to step in and end the action.

Randy Brown def. Bryan Barberena by TKO, Round 3, 2:54