UFC Greenville Results: KGB Lee Puts On a Show Against Montana De La Rosa

Andrea KGB Lee
Andrea Lee Credit: UFC.tv

For the third straight fight, flyweight Andrea Lee earned a unanimous decision win, this time against Montana De La Rosa at UFC Greenville.

Andrea Lee was able to get back in the octagon on Saturday at UFC Greenville, personal setbacks behind her, promising career ahead. The 30-year old known affectionately as KGB Lee for her Russian looks was facing Ultimate Fighter alum Montana De La Rosa in a promising match-up in the women’s flyweight division.

De La Rosa was pumping her jab early, but it was Lee’s own jab snapping her opponent’s head back. Lee landed a leg, but then took a big swing and missed, putting herself out of position. Lee’s leg kicks, however, found some success early, with her hands, she’d go looking for the body. Lee would then stun Montana De La Ros with a jab, which forced her to shoot for a takedown. She landed it, but Lee was up in a heartbeat. She was left defending another takedown attempt in the clinch with a whizzer. The frame would end with a takedown attempt, landed by Lee and wild scramble.

Showing little signs of fatigue, Lee continued to walk her opponent down early in the second. De La Rosa, perhaps feeling outmatched on the feet, drove in for a takedown. Lee sprawled, staying up but being forced back to the cage. There, De La Rosa did get her down, but only for an instant. They moved back to the middle, De La Rosa bloodied. Lee’s jab continued to find success; De La Rosa landed to the body, and came forward with a combination. Montana would shoot again, but once again, Lee’s sprawl did the job.

Round three had KGB Lee hunting a bloodied Montana De La Rosa early. A trip, however, got the fight to the ground for De La Rosa. As Lee got up, De La Rosa slammed her back down, and trapped her legs. Lee would get out of that spot, but nearly be caught in a guillotine in the middle of the round. Ass Lee pulled free you could only wonder if that might have been a finish in the first, when the pair were dry. In the final minute, Lee transitioned to the top, but De La Rosa threw up the hail Mary arm-bar. She came close, but Lee freed herself and finished the round attempting an inverted triangle, then taking the back.

No quit in Andrea Lee. No quit in Montana De La Rosa either, but it wasn’t her night. Instead, KGB Lee claimed her third UFC win in three outings.

Title talk will now come for Lee, with three wins at flyweight in a division low on standout contenders. For now, however, she can bask in the win.

Andrea Lee def. Montana De La Rosa by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)


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