Scouting Prospects for Dana White’s Contender Series Season 7

Torrez “The Punisher” Finney

Middleweight | 24 | Chattanooga, Tennessee, US | 4-0 | 4 KO/TKOs | Combined Opponents’ Record: 8-18

Finney doesn’t have the accolades the majority on this list have but he is definitely an interesting prospect. Finney has been in sports his whole life. He started in football and led the state in Georgia with sacks totalling 24. He led the state with tackles by a defensive lineman at 131. As a result, Finney was awarded the best defensive lineman in the state, went first-team All-region, and first-team All-state. He was a successful wrestler as well. Finney went on to win back-to-back state championships. He placed ninth in nationals, won all-middle Georgia wrestler of the year, and went 40-0 his senior year. In MMA he’s been slamming guys like he’s in the WWE.