ONE Fight Night 6: Chingiz Allazov Upsets Superbon with Second Round Knockout

Superbon and Chingiz Allazov, ONE Fight Night 6
Superbon and Chingiz Allazov, ONE Fight Night 6 weigh-in Credit: ONE Championship

Superbon Singmawynn shook up the world by defeating the legend Giorgio Petrosyan in 2021 to earn the featherweight kickboxing belt in ONE Championship, as well as the status of being the consensus pound-for-pound top fighter in the sport.

ONE’s first main event of 2023 saw him attempt to defend against grand prix winner and number two pound-for-pound kickboxer Chingiz Allazov. The best of the best faced off in Bangkok and fans from all over the world tuned in to see who would leave the arena with the belt and the title of best kickboxer in the entire world.

Allazov opened southpaw while Superbon stayed conventional. Superbon was patient to start while Chingiz started fast, as always. Allazov was able to land some good strikes, including a pair of straight right hands at the halfway mark, while Superbon did not land much because he did not attempt much. Still, the Thai seemed to be finding the rhythm of his foe by the time the first round ended as he was evading most of the shots from Allazov in the final minute of the round. The round was definitely Allazov’s due to his higher volume.

Superbon opened with a series of body kicks, one of which Allazov caught and returned fire while holding on, a move which is illegal in kickboxing and got him a stern warning. When action resumed, he swarmed Superbon relentlessly and, after a several punch combination, dropped the champ suddenly with a big right hand. When Superbon got back to his feet after the count he got dropped one more time by the first right hand Allazov threw. Superbon again beat the count, but appeared to be on shaky legs. Allazov charged him, threw a powerful combination, and sat him down even more brutally than the first two times, winning the fight by knockout.

With that, Allazov became the first Belarusian champion in ONE history and laid claim to the top pound-for-pound spot in the world of kickboxing. He had shocked the world and was overjoyed as he got the belt put over his shoulder and golden confetti rained down around him. As an added honor, Allazov also received a fifty thousand dollar bonus for his performance. Before leaving the cage, he hinted at perhaps moving up to challenge fellow champion Regian Eersel for his lightweight kickboxing title.

Official Result: Chingiz Allazov def. Superbon Singmawynn by TKO, Round 2, 1:03