MMA Prospect Watch: The Most Impressive Fighters from February

Khasan Magomedsharipov vs. Jose Sanchez, Bellator 275 Credit: Bellator MMA

Featherweight, Khasan Magomedsharipov (7-0)

With a few flashy moments on the feet, Magomedsharipov took control of this fight with his wrestling. Magomedsharipov while in the clinch utilized a lot of body lock trip takedowns. Setting up and executing the takedowns so well. He did well on top and in round two he had the back for a significant amount of time. It wasn’t his best performance but a decent showing over a tough guy.
Grade: C+

Bantamweight, Alan Martinez (4-0)

Martinez is a strong grappler and his opponent made the mistake of shooting in on him. Martinez easily flipped the script and landed on top. He right away moved it to mount meaning it was all over. Martinez landed with a ton of ground and pound until the ref stepped in.
Grade: B-

Bantamweight, Adrian Luna Martinetti (9-1)

Martinetti won the UWC bantamweight title in a dramatic fashion. On the feet, there wasn’t much but Martinetti did throw some nice kicks. In round one he did get the takedown and dominated from there with hammer fists. In round two Martinetti slipped to his back and his opponent jumped up top. Martinetti went to an armbar and switched to a gogoplata. A gogoplata is something you don’t see too often and that’s what Martinetti finished with. Some legit jiu-jitsu from this fighter out of Ecuador.
Grade: A-

Welterweight, Mohammad Alaqraa (3-0)

Alaqraa didn’t waste time getting the fight down each round. He did a very good job shooting in on the hips getting to the legs and tripping his opponent down. Every round it may have took him too long but he got into mount. He landed smashing ground and pound frequently. The grappling was on point along with the gas tank and pressure. There is still a lot to be seen though.
Grade: C+

Welterweight, Shido Soto (6-0)

Soto got in and out with a quick showing. He quickly rushed the distance and muscled his opponent down. The guy did get back up but Soto tripped him right back down. Soto transitioned onto the back and the ground and pound sent the ref in. It’s important for him to get a step up in competition because he has a lot of penitential.
Grade: B-

Flyweight, Imran Bukuev (14-2)

Bukuev and Aren Akopyan fought for the vacant ACA title and Bukuev came out on top. In round one they both had each other’s back. Bukuev had more control and almost finished with the RNC. In round two Akopyan was coming forward but was gassed. He walked right into a takedown from Bukuev who chained from a single to a double leg. He took the back standing and while still standing the squeeze was enough to force Akopyan to tap.
Grade: B

Bantamweight, Zuriko Jojua (8-1)

Jouja put on a smothering performance with mainly forward pressure and wrestling. He completed multiple takedowns. As his foe would get back to his feet Jouja took it right back down. His wrestling attack was really relentless. Jouja frequently attacked the neck and ground and pound. In round three on the back of his opponent, Jouja went to an armbar and the fight was over. Beautiful and smooth transition to the armbar finish.
Grade: A-

Featherweight, Adam Soldaev (6-1)

Soldaev took the “0” from recently undefeated Pascal Hintzen. Hintzen wanted a kickboxing fight with Soldaev but was levels behind. Soldaev was blasting Hintzen with body kicks and head kicks. Not everything was landing clean but they still had a lot of power and speed. Soldaev staggered him with a right hand and a follow-up flying knee. That knee landed and dropped Hintzen but somehow he survived. It wasn’t long after when Hintzen came forward sloppy and Soldaev landed a beautiful counter right. That right put Hintzen on dream street on his hands and knees and the ref saved him. Such a sniper-like performance from the Polish fighter.
Grade: A+

Welterweight, Igor Michaliszyn (9-2)

Michaliszyn finished this fight in just a little over a minute in his KSW debut. It was the jab, leg kicks, and switching stances that did the trick as his opponent was coming forward. His opponent threw a wild looping punch and Michaliszyn moved his head off the center line and returned with a right uppercut. The punch shut the brain off with his opponent having a delayed reaction, but he eventually fell to his back and the fight was over.
Grade: C+

Bantamweight, Mo Miller (7-1)

Miller got back on the board with a win and breezed past his opponent. He is a wrestler so that of course came but he looked good on the feet as well. He threw a good stiff jab and a lot of power kicks. It was a hard right hand that set up the takedown. He went from full guard to side control to full mount in just seconds. Miller went off with ground and pound mauling his opponent until the ref stepped in.
Grade: A


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