MMA Prospect Watch: The Most Impressive Fighters from February

Thomas Narmo VS Odie Delaney Credit: ONE Championship

Heavyweight, Odie Delaney (3-0)

Delaney made his ONE Championship debut and was in and out. In seconds Delaney caught a kick and got the fight down. In half guard landing some punches he had his opponent’s arm pinned behind him. Delaney ended up cranking on that arm to get the painful hammerlock submission win. He made quick work in a little over a minute.
Grade: B-

Strawweight, Jaqueline Amorim (5-0)

Amorim had her biggest fight to date fighting a solid Loveth Young and for the LFA title. She passed the test with flying colors. She didn’t get the takedown at first only because Young held the cage and she got a point taken because of it. Amorim got hit and slipped to her back but grabbed the leg of Young getting the fight grounded. Still on the leg, Amorim locked in a nasty kneebar forcing Young to tap. Statement performance from the new LFA champ.
Grade: A

Welterweight, Bubba Scheffel (6-0)

Scheffel just didn’t beat but dominated a former UFC fighter and 55-fight veteran Steven Siler. All three rounds Scheffel got the fight down and kept it there. He stayed very busy with ground and pound. Not throwing the heaviest shots but did cut up Siler. His positional ground and pound led him to a very easy win. Someone that just had only five pro fights beating a guy like Siler so easily is excellent work.
Grade: B-

Lightweight, Ignacio Capella (7-1)

Capella threw basically power shots and that’s why he did slow down a bit. He also got taken down a few times but got back up. He did land a lot of damaging blows knocking the mouthpiece out a few times. Capella also busted up the face of his opponent pretty well. He did do good always throwing in twos and found a lot of success when he lead to the body first. It was surprising his opponent stayed upright cause Capella was landing bombs. This was an exciting fight.
Grade: B-

Featherweight, Lucas Alexander (7-2)

Alexander looked great while beating a former UFC fighter in Jacob Kilburn. He right away set the pace with his kickboxing. Kilburn even tried to take the fight down but couldn’t. Alexander threw a lot of kicks and with a lot of different looks. He was landed head kicks in short spaces and landed to the legs and a steep kick to the body. The Brazilian started to throw combos with leg kicks and his hands looked very crisp and fluent with his attack. In round two he threw a kick that was blocked but it injured the arm of Kilburn and the fight was called off. Alexander deserves a shot for Bellator or UFC after this.
Grade: A+

Welterweight, Gadzhimurad Amirzhanov (3-0)

With his Muay Thai base Amirzhanov controlled this fight with his hands high and picking away. He threw a lot of good kicks to the legs and body and was timing that step in knee when his opponent was coming in. He threw a head kick that did land but he fell to his back. His leg was still by the head so Amirzhanov locked in a triangle and the fight was over. This was my first time watching Amirzhanov and he looks good.
Grade: B

Lightweight, Halil Amir (7-0)

Amir had to fight with some urgency in this fight. His opponent was heavy on the wrestling attack. He did take Amir down a few times but Amir always got back up. Mostly Amir had solid takedown defense. As the fight went on Amir got more confident and was landing his shots. He was trying to time a knee as his opponent was coming in. Ten seconds into round three that knee landed and the guy was out cold on his face. Really calm and smart performance from Amir.
Grade: C+

Featherweight, Anzor Chakaev (6-0)

I was really impressed with the well-rounded ability of Chakaev. In three rounds, he showed a ton of weapons. On the feet, he fought out of a karate stance and threw a lot of rangy kicks like the hook kick. He picked his punches well and threw basically everything he had mixing it up. Being as diverse on the feet his wrestling looked very good. Chakaev timed his takedown cutting the corner all perfectly. Really looking forward to watching him again.
Grade: A+

Featherweight, Fabricio de Andrade (7-2)

This kid continues to look damn good with another first-round stoppage against an established fighter in Jeremy Pacatiw. Andrade from the outside was slicing with the jab and throwing heavy kicks. His speed and vision is what put him ahead. As Pacatiw entered the range Andrade landed a nasty knee to the body. Pacatiw crumbled and Andrade moves his win streak to six. Very bright future.
Grade: A

Heavyweight, Gokhan Saricam (7-1)

I was really surprised by the way Saricam handled Kirill Sidelnikov. Saricam was taken down in round one but the defense held up in rounds two and three. The jab of Saricam is what won him the fight. He landed it frequently and everything else thrown was off the jab. Saricam was splitting the guard with his right hand and the front kick up the middle. He landed a few heavy shots and it was surprising the chin of Sidelnikov held up.
Grade: B


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