DWCS 2021 Week 6 Breakdown and Predictions

Patrik White Credit: Alaska FC

Lightweight, Patrik White Vs. Genaro Valdez

Tale of the Tape

Patrik White
Anchorage, Alaska, US
Avalanche Wrestling
All wins by KO/TKO
Genaro Valdez
Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico
Entram Gym
100% finish-rate

Pros and Cons

Patrik White


  • Solid jab
  • Good power
  • Counter strikes well
  • Good leg kicks


  • TDD needs work
  • A bit too slow
  • Needs work off his back
  • Over-extends on punches

Genaro Valdez


  • Tough
  • Good wrestling
  • Aggressive
  • High work-rate
  • Smashing ground and pound
  • Durable
  • Good jiu-jitsu
  • Good wrestling


  • Puts himself in bad positions
  • Grappling defense is average
  • TDD needs work
  • A bit wild on the feet

Who has the advantage?

Striking: White
Speed: White
Output/Volume: Valdez
Knockout Power: White
Chin: Valdez
Kickboxing: White
Footwork: White
Wrestling: Valdez
Grappling: Valdez
Submissions: Valdez
Cardio: Valdez


Valdez won’t really blow you away with anything when it comes to skill. With that said, the motto “Mexican toughness” fits Valdez quite well. White has a good record but the guys he’s fought are subway-level competition. To be blunt, the guys he’s fighting look like as they just came off the couch. It’s easy to look good when your fighting those type of opponents.

Valdez hasn’t fought the best guys either but it’s day and night difference between the two. I will say what’s impressive with Valdez is his motor, pressure, and his jiu-jitsu is solid. Even though he’ll get hit, taken down, get his back taken his pressure eventually breaks opponents. That’s something White has never dealt with. White will have to stop Valdez and Valdez has never been finished. Fairly confident in Valdez.


  1. Thanks for the insight Shawn, your breakdowns are always good. Would be great if you could post a day or 2 earlier than usual though as odds drop quickly for contender series.

    • Thank you sir. The only reason we publish so late is in case of pullouts and late notice replacements since that happens quite a bit. But if you ever have any questions message me on Twitter @mmawizzard.

  2. love the breakdowns, read them every week. I just wish you would make more over/under predictions. seems to be more value there for DWCS


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