DWCS 2021 Week 6 Breakdown and Predictions

Trevor Wells and Carlos Hernandez Credit: LFA

Flyweight: Daniel Barez Vs. Carlos Hernandez

Tale of the Tape

Daniel Barez
Burjassot, Spain
Training Unit
Six-fight win streak
Carlos Hernandez
Chicago, Illinois, US
VFS Academy
Four submissions

Pros and Cons

Daniel Barez


  • Heavy hands
  • Good wrestling
  • Heavy ground and pound
  • Goes body-head well
  • Submission threat
  • Solid grappling
  • Chopping leg kicks
  • Good kickboxing
  • Excellent timing
  • Does well off his back
  • Accurate striker


  • Hands low at times
  • Swings wild at times
  • TDD needs some work

Carlos Hernandez


  • Good wrestling
  • Solid footwork
  • Submission threat
  • Strikes in different angles
  • Good kicks
  • Good grappling
  • Mixes it up well
  • Super technical
  • Wonderful head movement
  • Combination striker


  • TDD needs some work
  • Questionable grappling defense

Who has the advantage?

Striking: Barez
Speed: Barez
Output/Volume: Hernandez
Knockout Power: Barez
Chin: Even
Kickboxing: Even
Footwork: Hernandez
Wrestling: Even
Grappling: Hernandez
Submissions: Hernandez
Cardio: Hernandez


This is a fight between two entertaining flyweights that are UFC calibre right now. Both are well-rounded guys that don’t care whether they keep the fight standing or take it down. Of the two, Hernandez is more willing to take the fight down. In fact, on the mat is his clearest path to victory.

On the feet, Hernandez is a technical, precise striker. Barez is not as technical but he does mix it up just as well and has more power in what he throws. Barez at times gets too wild with his approach. If he gets too willing to throw Hernandez has excellent head movement so he’s going to be tough to hit. Both guys could win in any fashion so it’s anyone’s fight. I’m on the fence but Barez has fought better competition and has higher-level experience.


  1. Thanks for the insight Shawn, your breakdowns are always good. Would be great if you could post a day or 2 earlier than usual though as odds drop quickly for contender series.

    • Thank you sir. The only reason we publish so late is in case of pullouts and late notice replacements since that happens quite a bit. But if you ever have any questions message me on Twitter @mmawizzard.

  2. love the breakdowns, read them every week. I just wish you would make more over/under predictions. seems to be more value there for DWCS


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