Brian Ortega, And The Greatest Walkouts In MMA History

David 'Caveman' Rickels
David ‘Caveman’ Rickels Credit: Dave Mandel/

Basically all of David Rickels’ entrances

David Rickels just gets “it.”

MMA is a sport with larger-than-life superstars. It’s a sport where personality clashes are almost as entertaining as the violence inside of the cage. Few people understand this better than David “The Caveman” Rickels.

Rickels was a Bellator MMA mainstay for eight years and 23 fights, and along the way he had some incredible entrances. Including but not limited to exploding out of a box dressed as a caveman, walking to the cage with a mechanical T-Rex alongside him, being walked to the ring on a throne, and doing a Stone Cold Steve Austin cosplay with the vest and all.

Rickels stands out on this list because despite not being a championship-level fighter, he was always incredible entertaining and has had a memorable career in large part because of his entrance game.


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