Brian Ortega, And The Greatest Walkouts In MMA History

Tom Lawlor Credit:

“Filthy” Tom Lawlor/Apollo Creed, UFC 113

Tom Lawlor was another guy who “got it” when it came to the entertainment side of MMA. And that’s not a surprise, given Lawlor also embarked on a career in pro wrestling.

Lawlor, who most recently fought for (and retired in) the PFL, had a memorable UFC run, including dressing up as Dan Severn for a weigh-in and walkout, digging into the annals of pro wrestling to mimic The Shockmaster, pulling off a Hulk Hogan style “tearing off the shirt” moment in a walkout, heck he eve spoofed the “Just Bleed” guy. And then there’s his UFC 113 entrance.

That saw Lawlor decked out as Apollo Creed from the Rocky series. A fitting choice, given how many fighters still cite the films as an inspiration.


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