Scouting Prospects for the Contender Series Season 5: Part 1

Achilles Estremadura Credit: Battlefield Fight League

Achilles Estremadura

Lightweight | 28 | Vancouver, British Columbia | 7-0 | Win Streak: 7 | 4 KO/TKOs

Estremadura is one of the best prospects out of Canada. There may not be a lot of footage available but people have been singing his praises for the last few years. The opponents he’s beating aren’t the best, but they at least have much more experience. Case in point: his last opponent was a 33-fight veteran. Estremadura is the current BFL lightweight champion which is arguably the biggest promotion out of Canada. He has also defended that BFL title four times. Estremadura was supposed to fight on the Contender Series last Summer so expect for him to do so this year.

Bruno Souza
Bruno Souza Credit: LFA

Bruno Souza

Featherweight | 25 | Los Angeles, California, US but from Brazil | 9-1 | Win Streak: 9 | 1 KO/TKO, 2 Submissions

The prodigy of MMA legend Lyoto Machida, Bruno Souza is a solid prospect. Souza mimics the style of Machida with his Karate approach. Souza was a 2015 world Karate champion and a former national and South American champion as well. Recently Souza headlining LFA 102 and beating a top prospect like Elijah Johns should solidify his spot on the Contender Series this year. If the UFC brass wants another Lyoto Machida-like fight then Bruno Souza is the guy.


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