UFC Jacksonville Results: Sijara Eubanks Earns One-Sided Decision Over Sarah Moras

Sijara Eubanks and Sarah Moras UFC
Sijara Eubanks and Sarah Moras Credit: Youtube/UFC

The lone fight on the ladies’ side at UFC Jacksonville saw Ultimate Fighter alum and former flyweight Sijara Eubanks badly in need of a win. Once poised to fight for flyweight gold, Eubanks’ struggles with weight exiled her to bantamweight — where she had lost three straight, to Aspen Ladd and Bethe Correia.

On the opposite side of the octagon Wednesday, Canada’s Sarah Moras, who was originally expecting to fight Eubanks at UFC 249 in April. With a shuffling of the deck, the pair were kept together, but pushed to May thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. For her part, Moras was coming off a TKO victory over Lina Jojua from back in September.

Moras pressed forward to open the action, and landed a leg kick; she followed with a jab and Eubanks answered back with right. Moras looked for a combination but Eubanks landed a hard counter right. Moras kept moving forward and landed another leg kick and followed it up with a jab. The two exchanged and Eubanks landed a nice left. Moras looked to work her jab and Eubanks continued to land the counter. Eubanks then unleashed a flurry of punches but Moras continued to press forward and landed an overhead right. Ultimately, things looked to be leading Sijara Eubanks’ way.

Sarah Moras came out quick again in the second, and looked to land the jab. Eubanks got the clinch and worked for a take down, then pressed Moras into the cage. Canada’s Moras got the under hook and spun free. Moras landed a leg kick then ducked under a left hook from Eubanks. Eubanks caught Moras coming in with a body kick then the two exchanged jabs. Moras changed levels and started to land punches to the body of Eubanks. Moras rushed forward and ate a pair of punches from Eubanks before they locked into the clinch. Eubanks clearly showed an edge in power. Moras locked in the Thai clinch but Eubanks landed a knee to the body. Moras landed a knee of her own then followed it with an elbow from the clinch. Eubanks landed a pair of knees and Moras tried for the trip but Eubanks defended and reversed. Sijara Eubanks was certainly fighting like an athlete badly in need of a win, which she was. Eubanks landed a take down and ended up on top, but Moras worked for the armbar. It’s a scene that foreshadowed the following frame. Eubanks defended and worked from the top as she landed punches and elbows that opened up Moras. Eubanks took mount, Moras spun, gave up her back and ate a few punches just before the horn sounded to end the round.

Moras came out quickly once again in the final frame, and looked to land a pair of punches. Eubanks fired back with a right then another right over the top that found its target. Moras landed a leg kick in return and started to press forward. Moras landed a glancing head kick then a flurry of punches but Eubanks covered up then got the clinch where she landed a pair of knees before she pressed Moras into the cage. Eubanks worked for the trip but Moras defended well and Eubanks gave up the position. Moras rushed forward but Eubanks caught her with a punch on the way in. Moras to this point was showing blood around the nose again. Moras went back to the jab but Eubanks now rushed forward and landed the take down and ended up on top. Moras thew out a slick armbar from the bottom and Eubanks locked her arms as she tried to defend; Moras held on. Eubanks adjusted then worked free and landed in side control, where she landed punches and hammer fists from the top. Moras spun to avoid the damage and gave up her back. Eubanks landed a few more punches before the fight came to an end.

After it was over, a fired up Eubanks gave Moras a little shove, much to the displeasure of Cheesecake, but nothing came of it.

Official Result: Sijara Eubanks def. Sarah Moras by unanimous decison (30-27 30-27 30-26)


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