10 Flyweight Prospects the UFC Should Sign in 2020


Malcolm “X” Gordon

29 | 5’7″ | London, Ontario | 12-3 | 10 Finishes | 4 KO/TKOs, 6 Submissions (Kimura, RNC, Armbar) | Combined Opponents’ Record: 50-14-1 | Best Win – Yoni Sherbatov (8-1-1)

A fighter by of the name of Yoni Sherbatov was a top prospect in 2017. Last August, Malcolm Gordon stopped Sherbatov early in round one. Gordon is the former WXC champ and the current TKO flyweight champion with two title defenses. With the current problems with the promotion TKO, Gordon may become available sooner rather than later.

Gordon is a good wrestler with very strong Jiu-Jitsu. He’s very aggressive with his submission attack and for the hunt to finish in general. Gordon has a 100% finishing rate which should attract the UFC brass.


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