10 Flyweight Prospects the UFC Should Sign in 2020


Jean Matsumoto

20 | 5’6″ | Braganca Paulista, Sao Paulo, Brazil | 8-0 | 6 Finishes | 3 KO/TKOs, 3 Submissions (Anaconda Choke, Arm-Triangle, Brabo Choke) | Combined Opponents’ Record: 18-11 | Best Win – Adriano Florêncio (4-0)

Still a young talent at just 20-years-old, Jean Matsumoto has looked good against decent-enough competition. He hasn’t been fighting long, so it would be wise for him to get in some fights with Jungle Fights, Shooto Brasil, or Future FC. He’s primarily a grappler who doesn’t have too much going on the feet. Matsumoto only has three submissions but is a big threat always looking for them. Especially the anaconda choke, which is one of his go-to’s. A good grappler but he needs some work.


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