10 Middleweight Prospects the UFC Should Sign in 2020


Caio “The Natural” Borralho

26 | 6’1″ | Sao Luis, Maranhao, Brazil | 7-1 | 6 Finishes | 3 KO/TKO, 3 Submissions (RNC, Guillotine, Anaconda) | Combined Opponents’ Record: 16-23 | Best Win – Otávio Sagás (4-2)

Brazil has many good prospects and many very talented ones slip under the cracks. Caio Borralho is virtually unknown and part of the reason is because footage is hard to find on him. Borralho started in Judo from the age of six and was State and National Champion a few times. He soon adapted to Jiu-Jitsu, muay thai, and kickboxing. Every day Caio trains with the likes of Luiz Cane, Demian Maia, and Shogun Rua.

Borralho is an athletic and explosive talent and from what can be seen of him, he’s really dangerous of the feet. He throws everything with bad intentions. He’s more of a striker but is well-rounded enough to threaten takedowns, thrive in scrambles, and find submissions. With the right push, we could easily see Borralho in the UFC this year.


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