Tim Means Hoping 300K Bonuses Are Permanent

UFC APEX – 300k bonuses may have only been for UFC 300, but Tim Means is hoping that becomes the norm as he prepares to take on Uros Medic at UFC Vegas 91 on Saturday night.

“I hope ya’ll keep the same energy. Show up with $300,000 bonuses,” Means told reporters on Wednesday.

“Don’t mess around. Let’s talk about it. Let’s at least sit down in the room whenever we do our rules meeting over here Saturday night and let’s have a discussion. Damn right.”

What should the number be raised to?

“$300,000. It can’t go back you know. It’s not bragging if you back it up like for real. What are we doing? What are we talking about here? Keep it the same. Same energy. You want to see some fun fights in APEX,” Means said.

Means (33-15-1) will face Medic at the APEX who is coming off a submission loss last November.

“What is he 9-2? I think what’s more importantly is how many fights he has at this level with that few fights. I think he’s a dangerous guy and he’s going to meet me in the middle, we’re going to figure it out,” he said.

“He’s left handed, he’s very very aggressive and I don’t think either one of us like to back up and that makes a very fun fight.”

Watch the entire media day scrum with Tim Means above. He takes on Uros Medic at UFC Vegas 91 on Saturday night.