10 Heavyweight Prospects the UFC Should Sign in 2020


Rizvan Kuniev

26 | 6’4″ | Dagestan, Russia | 7-2-1 | 4 Finishes | 3 KO/TKO’s, 1 Submission (RNC) | Combined opponents record- 56-50 | Best win- Shamil Abasov (5-0)

Rizvan Kuniev made a big impression by beating Shamil Abasov in his latest fight. Abasov was a prospect who was on this list last year, and Kuniev stopped him inside three rounds. He’s fought pretty solid competition and his only losses are to UFC fighters Justin Willis and Darko Stošić.

Kuniev has some sort of background in Wushu Sanda which you can tell from watching his fights. On the feet, he doesn’t hold that heavyweight power but is agile and diverse, unlike most of the big guys. Kuniev is a primarily a kickboxer who fights behind some flashy kicks from a lot of different angles. He’s well-rounded also being able to wrestle well, and he has a good top game.

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