Bellator 215’s Logan Storley Reacts to Hecklers Following Dominant Win: “People Don’t Get It”


Heckled and jeered throughout his dominant performance during Bellator 215’s co-main event, Logan Storley says fans “don’t get it.”

Uncasville, CT — Logan Storley put on a dominant display of wrestling prowess in the co-main event of Bellator 215. He controlled Ion Pascu from bell to bell. Pascu barely got off any offense. He barely got off his back. And for his efforts, Storley was booed severely.

Welcome to MMA. The “just bleed” fans are vocal, and a high-level wrestling match rarely ends in a bloody knockout. Asked about the reaction at Friday’s post-fight press scrum, Storley told media outlets including Cageside Press that “people don’t get it. They don’t understand high level wrestling. And I’ve said it over and over. Very few understand the positions and the dominance that just happened out there.”

“[Pascu] fought Ed Ruth, who is a three-time Division I national champ, and he took Ed down twice. And he got away from him, and he won some scrambles,” Storley pointed out. “He fought Larkin to a very close fight. Larkin didn’t do, really, much damage.”

Meanwhile, “I just went out there for fifteen minutes, and he couldn’t do a thing. I get it, I couldn’t land super big shots but he didn’t do anything. He couldn’t get away, he was exhausted. I broke him the whole time I was out there.”

So with that in mind, “everyone booing, they don’t get it. They don’t understand the level of wrestling and just pure domination that just happened out there. And if they want to boo it, they can boo it, I don’t care.”

As to his noticeable lack of trash talk, Storley pointed out that “everyone I’ve fought, no one’s said anything really, no one’s talked to me, no one’s said anything. I’m not stupid. I don’t come out and try to be someone that I’m not.” It doesn’t mean he won’t ever get into it with another fighter. “Now, if someone has something to say, or wants to get smart, I’ll do it then. But I haven’t had to do it, and I’m not going to put on a fake performance like so many people right now that are just in this business of being fake. And I’m not that.”

“So if people want to call me boring, boo me, hate me, I don’t care,” he said bluntly. “And that’s the honest truth. Which very few fighters will come out and say. They just talk, because they want five minutes of fame.” Storley, however, said that he knows his fame will come at the end, when he’s beating the top guys.

Watch the full Bellator 215 post-fight press scrum with Logan Storley above.

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