Bryan Battle Wants Rinat Rematch, Gives Fletcher Credit For Tough Fights

Las Vegas, NV – Coming off a big first round knockout victory in his last fight UFC welterweight Bryan Battle comes into UFC Vegas 79 against AJ Fletcher looking to start a win streak and move up for bigger fights.

“I was literally ready to fight immediately after that. I was asking for a fight immediately after that, but this time frame I have zero complaints,” Battle told reporters on Wednesday.

“Like Dana says the more you kill, the more you eat. I’m trying to cash in on this while I can.”

Battle’s first UFC loss was to Rinat Fakhretdinov which is a fight he looks to get back at some point.

“Right now all I’m thinking about is AJ Fletcher. I’m dreaming about that dude, but no absolutely. There was a lot of things going on with me personally going into that fight, and I learned so much after that fight. Rinat’s a really great guy,” he said.

“I wish he was a little bit more of a jerk so it would be easier, but just how good he is alone that’s all the motivation I need.”

For now Fletcher is the one standing in front of him and any potential rematches or big fights.

“AJ’s a tough dude. He’s really fast, explosive, great double leg, nice top control, really nice guillotine. He has a wide array of strikes in his arsenal. People are kind of sleeping on him a little bit. They’re not giving him the credit that he deserves just because of what his record is right now, but all those fights were dog fights. AJ’s a killer and that’s how we’ve approached this fight,” he said.

“AJ’s a really tough guy, but i’d be lying if I didn’t say I was looking to be the first one to finish him in his pro career Saturday.”

Watch the entire media day scrum with Bryan Battle above. He takes on AJ Fletcher at UFC Vegas 79 on Saturday night.