Welcome to the UFC: Nick Aguirre

Nick Aguirre, UFC Vegas 67
Nick Aguirre, UFC Vegas 67 weigh-in Credit: Eddie Law/Cageside Press

The UFC is back this Saturday for their first card of the new year. The focus at UFC Vegas 67 is on the newcomers, and four fighters are making their debut. One of those is Nick Aguirre. It was supposed to be Dan Argueta fighting Isaac Dulgarian in this one. Dulgarian had to pull out due to injury, and in comes Aguirre.

Nick “Slick” Aguirre
Standing at Five-foot-nine
Fighting at 145 lbs (featherweight)
Fighting out of Oswego, Illinois, US
Training out of Valle Flow Striking
A pro record of 7-0
3 KO/TKOs, 4 Submissions

How will Aguirre fare in the UFC:

Aguirre is getting this fight on short notice, but it’s a surprise he was called up so soon. Talent-wise, just about everyone Aguirre has beaten you could find pumping gas at your local gas station. He has stood out against his competition however, finishing every opponent he’s faced in the first round.

Aguirre reminds you of a lot of fighters in the UFC in terms of style. He’ll remind you of Steven Koslow who debuted and fought on the last card of 2022. That style would be a one-dimensional fighter, who is primarily a grappler. A slick grappler but one whose wrestling is suspect. Also, his cardio is unproven just like Koslow, and it was exposed in his fight.

With all those first round finishes, that remains a question mark here.

It’s all up in the air how good Aguirre is. His grappling is definitely good but his wrestling is in doubt. It’s looked alright in the lead-up until now. I don’t expect it to look as good as he fights higher-level competition. Who knows how good his grappling is too because he’s submitting lower-tier guys. Aguirre is uncomfortable on the feet so when he can’t get those takedowns he’s in trouble.

Sometimes it’s better to just cancel a fight and let these guys grow on the regional scene. Aguirre should’ve been able to fight out this year against stiffer regional guys but he is now getting thrown to the wolves.

How he matches up against Argueta:

Argueta’s constant forward pressure, his wrestling, and jiu-jitsu are going to give Aguirre problems. I think the strength of Argueta will be too much for Aguirre. Both men are grapplers first and foremost but Argutea I would think has the better striking. Argueta has the better wrestling as well. I wouldn’t be totally surprised at an upset but I like the more battle-tested Argueta in this one.