Jake Paul Plans to Raise $50 Mil for MMA Unionization Effort, Fighters Won’t “Have to Be Obedient to UFC”

Jake Paul
Jake Paul. Photo: Esther Lin/Showtime

Celebrity boxer Jake Paul continues to set his sights on the UFC and its business practices.

An outspoken critic of UFC President Dana White and the promotion’s comically low fighter pay, Paul has continued to claim that his intent is to launch a union for mixed martial artists, comprised of fighters inside and outside the Vegas-based Ultimate Fighting Championship.

When questioned on brother Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast recently about his ability to get fighters under UFC contract on board, Paul insisted that he would be able to.

“Yes I will. Yes I will,” Paul countered, when told it was unlikely he’d be able to land active UFC fighters.

So just how does Jake Paul plan to lure fighters under UFC contract to his cause? He intends to put together a war chest to cover their expenses.

“We’re gonna raise 50 million dollars, and the fighters who are fighting check to check, we will fund them, so that they don’t have to be obedient to the UFC,” Paul stated. “We will fund their salaries or their career earnings in the meantime.”

Paul did not provide specifics on how he intended to raise those funds. However, this past weekend, he brought former UFC champion Anderson Silva on board. The pair faced off in the ring, with Paul winning a unanimous decision in an eight-round boxing spectacle. Riding on the fight, care of a bet the pair had made, was Silva’s participation in the unionization effort — something “The Spider” appeared to be on board with following the event.