Scouting the Globe 2022: The Five Best Prospects From Canada


Flyweight, Tony Laramie (6-2)

Tony Laramie is a flyweight that has fought good competition since turning pro. After a pair of consecutive losses in 2017, he’s won his last four fights. He’s a former TKO veteran and a PFC (Prospect FC) flyweight champion.

Laramie debuted for LFA last December and looked outstanding. His game plan is to smash through his opponents with output and forward pressure. He’s well versed in throwing slick combinations going to the body and head. He has heavy leg kicks and will stay in your face putting the offense on you. On the feet, Laramie will beat up your body, damage your legs, and try to take your head off. Laramie is a solid wrestler when needed.

Laramie’s brother, T.J., was on our list two years ago, and wound up signed by the UFC, going 0-2 before his release.


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