10 Featherweight Prospects the UFC Should Sign in 2022


Gabriel Alves Braga

23 | 5’10″ | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | 6-0 | 4 Finishes | 4 KO/TKOs | Combined Opponents’ Record: 19-4 | Best Win – Loibe de Oliveira Neto (4-0)

Only 6-0 and 23-years-old, Gabriel Alves Barga has been really impressive. He made his LFA debut last year and got the second-round stoppage. Brazil has tons of highly regarded prospects and Braga has been flying under the radar. All he’s missing is the strength of schedule. He just needs to be more active and the UFC should come calling.

Braga has a solid ground game with his ground-and-pound but prefers to stay standing. Braga is very technical as he loves to throw from all different kinds of angles. He throws a bit of everything including knees and elbows and puts all his strikes together perfectly. Braga rips the body frequently and he mixes that into combinations very well. He’s always throwing output, mixing in all his weapons. Not experienced but UFC-ready.


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