Blind Reacting to Five MMA Prospects Vol. 2

Lightweight, Nazim Sadykhov (5-1)


  • Excellent TDD/Impressive sprawl
  • Explosive
  • Athletic
  • Good ground and pound
  • Good in the clinch
  • Power left hand
  • Good knees
  • Good kicks
  • Aggressive
  • Good jiu-jitsu
  • Smooth back-take
  • Fast starter
  • Dynamic
  • Well-enduranced
  • Good output
  • Iron chin


  • Can be overzealous with pressure
  • Pressed against the cage easy

Matt Serra and Ray Longo have something with this kid because Sadykhov oozes with potential. Sadykhov is well-rounded, has a good gas tank, fights smart, and has the killer instinct.

Sadykhov tends to get his takedown defense tested a lot and has defended perfectly. He gets pressed against the cage a lot but even with his back against the cage he’s doing the damage. While defending takedowns he’ll land a slew of knees to the body and head. Also along the cage you will see Sadykhov use the wizard/judo throw to get his opponents down. You train with LAW MMA you’re going to have a good ground game and of course that’s what Sadykhov has. Sadykhov is slick when transitioning to dominant positions. He’ll go between the rear-naked choke and pounding their face in with punches and elbows.

When Sadykhov isn’t stuck in the clinch he’s such a force with his striking/kickboxing. Sadykhov throws a lot of volume from a lot of different angles. His left hand is his power shot but throws everything including the kitchen sink. He just lets everything go and you never know what he’s going to throw. I like Sadykhov a lot and can’t wait to watch him some more.

In conclusion, I’ll be adding SD Dumas and Nazim Sadykhov to my prospect list.