Examining Kayla Harrison’s Biggest Fights Across The MMA Landscape

Cris Cyborg, Bellator 259
Cris Cyborg, Bellator 259 Credit: Bellator MMA

Bellator MMA: Cris Cyborg

In terms of pay and competitive match-ups, Bellator is probably the best of both worlds. Bellator MMA has a legitimate featherweight division, that is headed up by one of the pound for pound best women fighters on the planet in Cris Cyborg.

While she would still likely make less than in PFL, Bellator has been known to break out the checkbook to sign various large free agent names over the years. Scott Coker has also been known to make certain accommodations for fighters that Dana White will not; whereas White would force Harrison down it’s entirely possible that Coker would make his own lightweight division if he believes that Harrison is a true game changer.

Alternately, the promotion could hold a women’s lightweight or featherweight grand prix. They’ve held tournaments at the rate of about one per year in recent years, and many of those have offered a million dollars in prize money, just like the PFL.