Halloween in MMA: The Best Costumes of 2021

Kay Hansen and Valerie Loureda, MMA Halloween 2021
Credit: Kay Hansen / Valerie Loureda / Twitter

Halloween has arrived, and the MMA world is celebrating in style! From UFC champion Amanda Nunes and wife Nina going the Aladdin route, to Kay Hansen doubling as both a Playboy bunny and prisoner, here’s a look at 2021’s best Halloween costumes among fighters.

Amanda and Nina Nunes — Aladdin

The champ-champ and wife Nina Nunes, along with their daughter Raegan Ann, get high marks for an Aladdin, Jasmine, and Abu (we had to look up the monkey’s name) group costume.


Barney, Betty and Bam-Bam!

Bunny or Hard Time?

Kay Hansen couldn’t pick just one costume.

Sexy Serial Killer Nurse

If that nurse isn’t a serial killer, then she just lost a patient. Yikes!

RIP Prince

Sergio Pettis calls back to that time Dave Chappelle spoofed Prince.

No Halloween Parties for Belbita

There’s something to be said for a quiet night in.

More bloody than her last fight

Former UFC fighter Angela Magana looked like she just beheaded some zombies.

Vampire Champ

We’re pretty sure biting is still banned under the Unified Rules of MMA, but Sinead Kavanagh might want to watch out anyway, based on Cris Cyborg’s Halloween outfit.


Clay Guida giving Joe Dirt a little love. He actually might be pulling it off better than David Spade himself.

Can’t pick just one

Gillian Robertson rocked both a Harley Quinn and Child’s Play outfit this year.

No family should be this cool

We don’t deserve Max Holloway


Not sure what Carla Esparza is going for here, other than dominatrix. She is known for punishing opponents mind you.

Hocus Pocus

Megan Anderson showing how group theme costumes are done.

Book of St-Pierre

He’s already done the MCU — maybe GSP is hinting at something here.

Mortal Kombat

This franchise will never not be linked to MMA.

DC Universe



I mean, it’s October 31st already…

Evil Eye

Eye has it.

Happiest man in MMA?

Cigano with the Monster’s Inc. family outfit.

Peak Mike Perry

Soon to be punishing opponents in BKFC!

Rey getting some love

Rachel Ostovich sporting a Star Wars inspired costume, and it’s not the original series for once.


Marlon Vera and fam. need a donut delivery stat!

Where’s Carnage?

Just in time for No Way Home.

Be Yourself

Blonde Brunson!

If Pokemon had spinning sh*t and head kicks

Edson Barboza with another family theme.


A couple of former UFC fighters go to Suplex City.

Terrible decade. Great costume.

ONE champ Angela Lee turns back time.


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