MMA’s 10 Most Gruesome Injuries in the Last 10 Years, Ranked

Jacare Souza, UFC 230
Jacare Souza, UFC 230 weigh-in Credit: Jason Burgos/

4. Jacare Souza vs. Andre Muniz

The recently retired Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza is another fighter who went out on his shield.

In the case of Souza, who lost his UFC 262 meeting with Andre Muniz this past May via injury TKO, you could actually hear his limb snap. In this case, it was an arm, caught in a Muniz arm-bar. It was the sound more than the image that brought about chills.

That loss capped off a four-fight skid for the former Strikeforce middleweight champion. Yet while he retired earlier this week, Jacare has not closed the door to competing in jiu-jitsu. Let’s just hope no further damage is done.