MMA’s 10 Most Gruesome Injuries in the Last 10 Years, Ranked

Evangelista Santos Credit: Instagram

1. Michael “Venom” Page vs. Cyborg Santos

Michael Page versus Cyborg Santos will forever be remembered as the most devastating flying knee knockout of all time, hopefully.

Because what’s more gruesome than a man’s skull literally being crushed in a fight? Miraculously, Santos survived this injury with no major side effects, although it did bring about an end to his fighting career.

At the time of the 2016 welterweight fight, “MVP” was getting his first steps up in competition. Then undefeated, Page’s bout against Brazil’s Santos pitted him against a well-traveled veteran who had seen it all. Except the knee that eventually landed flush on his forehead.

Santos went down in a heap. Page performed a Pokemon-themed celebration, likely unaware of how badly his opponent was hurt.

Since retiring from competition, Santos has stayed in the sport as a coach. Page continues to be a top welterweight in Bellator.

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