Prospects the UFC Should Sign by the End of 2020

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Mason Jones and Aleksi Mäntykivi Credit: Cage Warriors/Dolly Clew

Lucas Grandsire

Middleweight, Isi Fitikefu (6-0): Prospects in Australia usually have a tendency to not get picked up by the mainstream considering how far away they are. In this case, Fitikefu is someone that relies on his skills in the cage more than his skills on the mic. He may not be much of a talked-about fighter but he sure can fight. At 6-0 the native New Zealander is on the right track for an opportunity to land in the UFC. He currently trains with the likes of Robert Whittaker in Australia. He’d be a great pickup for the UFC.

Welterweight, Christien Savoie (8-0): Somehow the UFC seems to overlook Canadians when it comes to prospects. Savoie is one of those names that should have gotten a shot in the Contender Series already. Currently 8-0 with a good array of finishes, the 27-year old has been spending some time at the highly touted City Kickboxing in New Zealand. Canada has another name with a lot of potential, it would be wise for the UFC to pounce on it.

Lightweight, Mason Jones (9-0): Jones is an easy one for the UFC to look into, 9-0, only 25, and currently Cage Warriors lightweight champion. Jones is an easy mention for the UFC. He has a healthy mix of finishes as well the ability to go the distance and he’s some quality wins over European talent. He’s really good on the mic too. He’d be a great signing for a European show.

Welterweight, John Gotti III (5-0): Forget the big name for a second. Gotti isn’t some freak show project a la Kimbo Slice or CM Punk. He’s shown in his five professional outings that he’s legitimately good and has a promising future. At only 5-0 he may need a little bit more seasoning but he has shown in his past few outing that he has heavy hands, but most importantly, he can go the distance if he’s unable to get the finish.

Bantamweight, Khusein Askhabov (20-0): At only 25-years-old Askhabov already has quite the impressive record, a nice and clean 20-0. An inconsistent fighting schedule along with a big name win on his record may be what’s stopping him from competing for a promotion like the UFC. The Luxembourg native has a whole array of tricky submissions he can catch you with along with the occasional knockout in case you forget that he’s good on the feet too. It won’t be long until we see him in a big promotion.


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