UFC St. Louis: Carlos Ulberg KOs Bullrushing Menifield in Twelve Seconds

Alonzo Menifield and Carlos Ulberg, UFC St. Louis
Alonzo Menifield and Carlos Ulberg, UFC St. Louis face-off Credit: Youtube/UFC

Ranked light-heavyweight veteran Alonzo Menifield took on the streaking Carlos Ulberg at UFC St. Louis.

Ulberg, a City Kickboxing product and former model, entered the fight on a five-fight streak, including four finishes. Meanwhile, Menifield had gone 4-0-1 in his last five contests and entered the rankings at #11. One man’s undefeated streak had to come to an end on Saturday night, and when the dust settled it was Alonzo Menifield laying motionless on the octagon floor.

When the fight started, Menifield came out and immediately charged down Ulberg. Carlos avoided his onslaught and countered with a hook that dropped Alonzo after he crashed into the fence. Menifield went down for a moment but stood right back up, only to have his eyes roll back in his head when he got caught with another punch. With him flat on the canvas, the referee stopped the fight. Only twelve seconds had gone by.

That lightning fast finish fell right into Carlos Ulberg’s lap and will move him into the top-fifteen of the UFC light-heavyweight division for the first time in his career. The future is bright for the hard-hitting New Zealander.

Official Result: Carlos Ulberg def. Alonzo Menifield by TKO (right hook) Round 1, 0:12