PFL 9 2019 Results: Jared Rosholt Earns First Finish Since 2015, Stops Muhammed DeReese

Muhammed Dereese vs. Jared Rosholt PFL 9 2019
Muhammed Dereese vs. Jared Rosholt Credit: PFL

Jared Rosholt moved into the semifinals at PFL 9 2019 with a TKO win against Muhammed DeReese in a fight that saw Rosholt in trouble early.

Former UFC heavyweight Jared Rosholt entered the PFL 2019 heavyweight quarterfinals against Muhammed DeReese as the seventh seed. With no stoppages since 2015, Rosholt was the underdog against DeReese at PFL 9 2019 on Halloween night — but he would weather an early storm to pull off the upset.

DeReese immediately opened with a leg kick that put Rosholt on his back. DeReese moved in and began dropping some ground n’ pound. Rosholt turned over, but that allowed DeReese to pound away with right hands. Rosholt, still on his back, stayed moving, covering up, at least preventing the ref from waving off the affair, but he was in a bad, bad spot. DeReese moved into half guard, dropping some hammerfists. Rosholt got to his knees, trying to use his opponent’s leg to work his way back up. That failed, and DeReese moved to side control. He then stepped into mount, with half the round remaining. However Rosholt made it up, and used a body lock to take DeReese down!

As dominant as DeReese had been early, Jared Rosholt’s experience made the difference. He took the back, flattened DeReese out, and began raining down lefts and rights from the top. DeReese could do nothing but cover up, unable to scramble or even roll over. Ref Herb Dean encouraged him to fight back, but that simply wasn’t going to happen — DeReese was stuck, pinned down under Rosholt’s weight. That forced the ref to wave it off, and Rosholt had a TKO win, despite being out-struck by a considerable margin.

Official Result: Jared Rosholt def. Muhammed DeReese by TKO, Round 1, 3:41


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